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Photos of New Zealand wildlife

New Zealand is the only home to the very rare Yellow-Eyed Penguin. There are an estimated 4,000 of these Penguins left. These Penguins mate for life and generally raise one to two chicks per year. Although very awkward on land, these Penguins prefer to nest in the cliffs overlooking the ocean. They have been radio tagged and recorded to swim about 60 km per day in search of the fish and squid, which make up their diet. If you would like to know more about the Yellow-Eyed Penguin, see Penguins

Some of these photographs were taken at three nesting sites with the permission and in the presence of a Department of Conservation licensed guide.
Although not a great photograph, this photo does show the perspective of the nesting sites of these Penguins, high on a cliff overlooking the Pacific.
Here we get a little closer, again showing how they nest in the recesses of the bush.
The parents take turns caring for the chicks. After a day out fishing, the parent returns to the nest and feed the young by regurgitation. Yuck!
As we approached this Penguin, she laid on top of her two chicks, each about six inches tall at this point. Although the DOC official claimed it was to keep the chicks warm, I noticed that this behavior ceased when we moved back away from the nest.

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