Photos of New Zealand

Photos of various places in New Zealand

On these pages I'm just going to put some photos I took as I traveled throughout New Zealand. Much of the countryside is quite scenic, very pleasant, but maybe not stunning. What was often striking to me though, was the deep greeness of the steep-sided hills in many places. On these pages you'll see pictures of the Kauri trees, the jungle-like forest in the far north, the rainforest of the south, Pancake Rocks, the odd, spherically shaped Maeroki rocks, and just scenics from assorted places on both the north and south island. A fair map and handy distance calculator can be found at NZ Map
After some spectacular scuba diving near Poor Knights Islands, I headed to the western side of the peninsula north of Auckland to see the Kauri trees. These huge trees are reminiscent of the giant Sequoia trees in California. Like them, the Kauris are extremely old, very large in diameter, and seemingly short for their girth. Here's a sign that describes one of these old majestic trees.
Without the perspective offered by having something of known size next to this tree, it's hard to tell about size. But these trees are huge.
Here's a shot of a hillside near Otorohanga.
The coastline up near Tutukaka is quite scenic.
The Waitomo region is famous for the caves and glow worms that live in them. But I enjoyed the green hillsides here, too. Although sheep can be found almost everywhere in New Zealand, they seem to live like Mountain Goats in many places, grazing along steep-sided hills.

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