Photos of New Zealand

Photos of Maori figures and Marae

I didn't learn as much about the Maori culture as I hoped I would. But I did like the Maori art that I saw here and there along the way. At least I can show you a few of these. Maybe I'll learn a bit more and fill in the gaps at some point.
I first visited the Marae in Waitangi after spending some time scuba diving in Tutukaka. This Marae (a traditional Maori meeting house) is near the spot where the English and Maori signed a treaty in the 1800's.
Here's a closeup of some of the carvings on the Waitangi Marae.
Here's a picture of some of the carvings on the wall inside the Waitangi Marae.
The city of Te Kuiti also had a beautiful Marae.

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