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Photos from Milford Sound

I thought Milford Sound was absolutely spectacular, but I'm afraid these photos just haven't captured it. These are true fiords, carved out by glaciers during the last ice age. The steep mountains continue their plunge for hundreds of feet below the surface of the sea. We cruised out to the Tasman Sea at the mouth of the fiords before turning back.

I almost didn't come here, being told that Milford Sound was crowded with tourists. I did not notice this being the case, though it probably is true. Here's how I avoided the crowds. From Queenstown, I joined up with a small tour group run by Eco Fiord Tours. They operate a small minibus that drives from Queenstown to Te Anau for a coffee break, then on to Milford Sound where we immediately boarded a smaller sized boat to cruise the fiords. After the cruise, we immediately reboarded our minibus and returned first to Te Anau for dinner, then back on to Queenstown. It makes for a long day, and doesn't provide the opportunity to explore the Milford Sound area by foot, but it's a perfect way to see the Sound if time is limited. Just a word of warning - if steep, cliff-hanging mountain roads make you nervous - you will probably want to avoid driving into Milford Sound yourself. The scenery on the way there is absolutely spectacular - sitting back and letting someone else drive offers the opportunity to enjoy it. Information on Eco Fiord Tours can be found at Milford Sound Tours.
The fiords wind their way through these beautiful mountains.
Some of the cliffs rise dramatically, nearly straight up to 1500 meters.
And some of the mountains sweep more gradually to the sea.
Like so many places in New Zealand, there are many waterfalls. This one is over 500 feet tall.

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