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Photos from the Tongariro Crossing

Since the Tongariro Crossing is done in one direction, it's necessary to arrange to be dropped off at the starting point and picked up at the ending point. Several services are available from the surrounding towns for this. However, that doesn't always leave a lot of flexibility to make the side tracks to the top of Mt. Ngauhuroe or Mt. Tongariro.
After passing Red Volcano, there is a point where it's possible to look down upon the Emerald Lakes. When they first come into view, they're absolutely beautiful. It's obvious where they got their names.
On the left, you can see the hikers making their way toward the summit of the pass between the mountains.
Blue Lake.
The wind at the peak of the ridge was absolutely brutal. We were told that the shape and placement of the surrounding peaks works to create a vortex of wind at this location.
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